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The B2B events industry changed permanently – Professio and BIG Business Insight Group join forces
31.8.2022  8:00 EEST | BIG Business Insight Group
Aleksi Helander Janne Kuusinen.jpg
Aleksi Helander, CEO, BIG Business Insight Group and Janne Kuusinen, CEO, Professio Finland.
You cannot do events like in 2019
Today, event attendees interact through the combination of virtual and face-to-face experiences in ways that will increase their return on investments, both financially and in time.

With Professio acquiring BIG’s entire share capital, the acquisition offers a new generation of events where customers can enjoy the best of both worlds: combining the power of flexible, high-quality broadcast capabilities with a cross-border digital reach with locally arranged in-depth and inspiring physical meetings. This trend combined with extensive analytics and multiple platforms for interaction will facilitate and accelerate a new breed of insightful and relevant hybrid events for the benefit of customers.

“BIG's talented team and ability to foresee and implement industry trends brings us much-needed flexibility and simplicity. Together we can offer an unique solution for our customers which makes us the Nordics biggest B2B player in the industry. I see a bunch of opportunities combining strengths of two strong companies,” Janne Kuusinen, CEO of Professio says.

”Originally the company was founded as a counterpart for traditional business events and the pandemic has further fueled this development. Together with our forward-looking customers, we’ve been able to establish a unique position and develop a competitive edge in this highly demanding B2B market. Our shared goal is to create the best possible platform for qualitative content, international events, trainings and media solutions”, adds Aleksi Helander, CEO of BIG Business Insight Group.

More information:

Aleksi Helander, CEO, BIG Business Insight Group Oy
+358 40 2516 598

Janne Kuusinen, CEO, Professio Finland Oy
+358 40 734 4801


Professio Finland Oy

Professio is part of the Finnish COR Group family of companies, which creates sustainable growth in the health, wellness and educational sector. COR Group currently employs 3550 professionals and the turnover in 2021 was 364 million euros.

Professio is focused on event and training services. Professio organizes more than 500 events and trainings for thousands of professionals in various fields yearly.
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BIG Business Insight Group Oy

Business Insight Group is an owner and operator of first-class international events, trainings, virtual executions, and media solutions that focus on mega trends and challenges facing major business sectors today.

BIG’s focus is on highly specialized, must-attend events that are independently researched and tailored to deliver unbiased and focused market information.
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