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Business Class is a high-quality executive magazine that delves into current and trendy topics in the business world through interviews with influential corporate leaders and personal profiles.

The magazine is distributed in a periodical format four times a year at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the Finnair Lounges and at all the busiest gate areas, both in the Schengen and Non-Schengen zones.

Furthermore, the magazine is distributed to participants at Profession and BIG executive events, as well as in digital format to executive target groups.

200 000 / READERS, 

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Business Class magazine reaches 200,000 readers

​At Helsinki-Vantaa, Rovaniemi, Oulu, and Tampere airports

The article will be published online

  • Electronically distributed at Business Insight Group executive events

  • Featured on the expert channel

  • Available as an e-magazine on

Turnkey production

  • Includes editorial services, graphic design, and layout

  • Grants unrestricted usage rights to the material"

Artikkeli julkaistaan verkossa

Jaetaan sähköisesti Business Insight Groupin -päättäjätapahtumissa  -asiantuntijakanavassa -julkaisupalvelussa e-lehtenä

Avaimet käteen -tuotanto

– Sisältää toimittajan palvelut, graafisen ilmeen suunnittelu ja taiton

– Materiaalin vapaat käyttöoikeudet



@ Helsinki Airport

Ilmestyy 30.6.2022

Teemat mm.:

Sustainable Business

 Future of Work

AI & Smart Commerce

Digital Health


2/1 PAGE

420 x 295 mm

+5mm BLEED

1/1 PAGE

210 x 295 mm

+5mm BLEED

1/2 PAGE

210 x 145 mm

+5mm BLEED


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