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The annual in-person meeting of women leaders and board members wanted to be held also 2021 and a digital substitute was created. The feeling of belonging and community during tough times was important. Equally important elements were the professional program and the possibility for the audience to chat and interact.




The event was held on a Friday afternoon just before the International Women’s day broadcasted live from our studio. The agenda, speakers, moderation and marketing was done by the client and the studio and broadcast elements was used for a final touch. A morning studio environment was created for interviews and for presenting one of the stages was used.  The multi camera system gave an authentic interview styled feeling during the 1 hours and 3 speakers broadcast.




More than 400 women had recognized and booked off their Friday afternoon for attending. The event was praised for being kept virtual and that the feeling of togetherness conveyed was perhaps more important than ever before. The dynamic of 3 excellent speakers with moderations in between and joining the event for the full duration supporting each other was effective and built on the brand of the client in a desired way. The virtual execution and lively chat and commenting was a natural continuity in this series of an annual event.


"Loistava ja laadukas tilaisuus, kiitos!"

"Great event of high quality, thank you!"

"Hienosti hoidettu iso projekti virtuaalisesti."

"A wonderfully managed large project done virtually."

"Kiitos kaikille. Hyvä kokonaisuus!"

"Thank you to everyone. Great in its entirety!"

"Kiitos erinomaisesta tilaisuudesta ja inspiroivista esityksistä!"

"Thank you for an excellent event and for inspiring presentations!"

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