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"Way better than I

had expected from

a virtual event"



On a request by the listed company Basware we tailor made and produced a quarterly panel with 6 CFOs from every Nordic Country, facilitated by 1 expert and 1 professional moderator. Attracting a hard-to-reach cross-industry and cross-country target group. Ventilating 3 important themes and engage the audience to ask questions and chat for a total of 20 minutes per theme and 75 minutes in total.




Created a CNN styled virtual panel with 8 persons in one room.  The moderator hosted the day from the studio and all the others dial-in from respective countries. The audience had the possibility to ask questions to be facilitated in the talk beforehand and they could also chat, poll and ask more questions during the show. The CFO panelists represented well-known Nordic listed companies like Volvo, Telia, Sanoma, SRV, Alfa Laval, Netcompany, Nordic Choice and Thon Group.





During the lively discussion, we were able to avoid the static speaking-head syndrome by mixing the speakers in between single, double and multiple frames and supported the broadcast by bringing in taglines and infographics for easier and more dynamic watching. The geo-split of the audience reflected the Nordic angle as supposed and 100% of them watched the live show for the full 75 minutes.




"Boom! That was so amazing. I have been bombarded by praise throughout the event. Thank you, with my forehead hitting the ground bowing to your performance. You rock!"

Anu Hämäläinen, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Basware


"A great studio work managing all the different screens and layouts! The atmosphere was so relaxed and there was good Vibes throughout the event!"


"Good dynamic discussion, easy to watch and very well hosted. Thank you!"


"Excellent that you can watch such qualitative content full screen from your television;) Good speakers and nice to hear other country input."


"Really liked the audience interactions and that questions were pinpointed from us viewers. Happy I joined!"

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