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To transform a listed company’s annual in-person kickoff gathering into a virtual event. The goal was to communicate the 2021 strategy and focus areas clearly to the company’s over 1000 employees worldwide and add entertaining and engaging elements to create a one team feeling and experience.



Built a recurring and recognizable TV format with 2 hours daily live broadcast over the 3-day event with interviews, panel discussions, pre-recorded inserts, presentations, music entertainment and interactive elements to engage the audience. Executed from one studio in Helsinki, another in Copenhagen and a range of internal and external speakers dialing in.


The virtual event tops the annual Kick-offs satisfaction ranking. 73% of the respondents said the event exceeded expectations and for 23% the event met the expectations.  97% said the event communicated the strategy clearly. 78% felt a virtual approach for a companywide event worked extremely well and for another 17% that it worked well. The company considers continuing worldwide virtual events also next year regardless of situation.


"It was a pleasure to work with Big Nordic. The team was friendly, very collaborative, and easy to work with. We had a full trust in their team and capabilities to deliver. The project and the live event broadcast were executed professionally. Feedback has been extremely positive. Looking forward to working with Big Nordic again on a similar event. "

Sanna Eklund, Product Marketing Manager, Basware Corporation

“The event really exceeded expectations – all comments shared from our team in the US have been superlative”

“It was good to see so much enthusiasm and fun embedded in the program”

“ Great to see how solid the leadership team was and how much fun they were having but also what a cohesive group they are”

“The fact it engaged the whole company across the globe and did so in a very engaging format was just amazing – it really felt like ONE company”

“An absolutely amazing setup and script, it was very easy, tv-reporting like watching, so professionally and well put together”

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