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Blending in-person, digital and TV-level performance


To virtualize a local cross-industry event into an international platform. As expectations for artificial intelligence run sky-high, it was important to deliver business impacts and possibilities from across the globe for best practice. Also, the overall digital experience was crucial to match the expectation of the C-level target group as AI is considered the next technology.




Built a super appealing agenda with the best of the best speakers and global AI leaders from Airbus, Tour de France, Huawei, Formula 1, Accenture, Ericsson and 25 more. Via a warm-up, studio speakers were presented from Melbourne, Los Angeles, London and Toulouse, mixed with local speakers. Moderators were physically in the studio but via an extensive broadcast package, panelists and foreign speakers were naturally mixed into the program. The 5h long live broadcast was executed as a TV & event execution with 10 cameras and 5 stages. 




The full day event presented more than 30 speakers without any freeze, hick-ups or gaps despite the long distance dial-ins. Of more than 700 Nordic viewers, 95% ranked the execution the best virtual event in 2020.  Cases, interviews, break-out sessions, 1-2-1 meetings and a lot of downloadable materials were all included in the set-up for additional interaction. Virtual lobbies for sponsors and meetings were praised and over 400 pre-qualified meetings were held during the event. 


"Must admit your set-up is truly smart and effective. Just as it should be! Was nice to participate and be part of it. The moderators where super nice and as pros helped create a relaxed, yet professional event feeling."

Ergin Tuganay, Partner & Head of Industry 4.0 at Nortal

"Thank you. Absolutely superb execution;

1)      Good briefings + hosting

2)      Pro equipment + doers

3)      Pro moderations

4)      Nice overall vibe"


Aki Pajunoja, Data Analytics Team Lead at AGCO Power



"Thanks to your team, the conference looks really well produced. Congratulations."

Peter Grey, Technical Director at Tour de France


"An amazing experience. If the pandemic continues we will come to the studio again and over again. "


Harri Vuolle, Head of Sales at Insta


"Okay, wow, what an impressive virtual event experience they have created with AI & Business Strategies event. Kudos BIG Business Insight Group."


Sari Saviranta, Customer Experience at Accenture

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